The decision to separate is one of the most difficult, emotionally charged and impactful family law decisions. In many cases, when children are involved, it is even more challenging for both parties. Whether you are seeking joint custody, sole custody or a visitation schedule for your child, an experienced Chicago Child Custody Lawyer can help you navigate the process and make arrangements that will best serve your family.

A divorce, legal separation or paternity case can affect all members of a family, including the parents and children. The arrangements made in these proceedings are often critical to a child’s life and future, so it is important to hire a Chicago Child Custody Lawyer with a reputation for compassion, integrity and skill. The family lawyers at Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC are experienced litigators that can provide the aggressive and strategic representation you need to protect your interests.

Whether you are looking for a Chicago Child Custody Attorney or an Illinois child custody lawyer, it is essential to understand what the state’s family laws mean in your case. The State of Illinois does not use the term “custody,” instead it uses the term, “allocation of parental responsibilities.” This refers to the right and responsibility of making major decisions for your child and the time-share (parenting time) that you and your spouse will spend with them. Call Davis and Associates today at (312) 548-1528 for your free case evaluation with a Chicago Family Lawyer!

Judges in Illinois generally favor some form of shared parenting, where both parents are involved in the child’s life. However, if a parent has been convicted of a crime related to abuse, domestic violence or drug addiction, that may negatively impact your chances for joint custody or even sole custody. Those issues will have to be addressed through evidence such as treatment records and credible testimony from a medical professional.

When a Judge determines custody, an Allocation Judgment will be written that establishes decision-making, parenting time, dispute resolution and holiday allocation. This may also include other relevant details that are unique to your case. If you and your spouse can create a custody and visitation plan together, it is highly encouraged.

The Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group is a Chicago-based firm that handles family law matters, such as petitions for adoption and guardianship of minors, and pleadings in divorce cases, which involve custody arrangements. It is led by a former family court judge and was the first law firm in the area devoted to women’s and mothers’ rights. The firm can also assist with restraining orders in cases of domestic violence. It is also experienced in handling estate planning for families with children. It is a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the American Bar Association. The firm represents clients throughout the metro, including those who are pursuing or defending a divorce or legal separation. It offers a free consultation to prospective clients.

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