When a loved one passes away, their family must deal with grief and final arrangements. It is also crucial to ensure that their estates are properly handled, and that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. An experienced probate attorney can help them do so. There are several benefits to choosing a reputable probate attorney, and these include simplifying the estate administration process, resolving conflicts between beneficiaries, and limiting estate taxes.

An experienced probate attorney in Hollywood will assist their clients in identifying an executor and guiding them through the probate administration process. They will review the deceased’s will and identify any issues. They will also develop strategies to settle the estate fairly, find and assemble assets, pay creditors and claimants, and transfer assets from the deceased to the estate. They will also resolve disputes between beneficiaries and trustees, resolving the issue of disputed trust funds or wills.

The Probate, Guardianship, estate planning Attorneys in Hollywood Florida can assist you with the preparation of documents such as revocable and living trusts, power of attorneys, health care surrogates, and living wills. They will also handle issues related to the probate of a will and estate planning for disabled persons. The firm has a team of lawyers and staff with years of experience in the industry. Their services are available in English and Spanish.

The Law Offices of Danielle Greenberg serves individuals and families in Hollywood, Florida. They are a full-service firm with over thirty years of experience in the field. Their probate practice focuses on formal and summary probate. In addition, the firm handles litigation related to estates and trusts. The law firm specializes in helping clients avoid probate and resolving disputes that arise during the process.

In some cases, an inheritance could be subject to probate, such as when a beneficiary predeceases the giver or fails to update their Will. In most cases, probate involves individual-owned assets, including titled property (like homes or bank accounts) and non-titled property (like household items, furniture, or personal mementos).

There are many advantages to avoiding probate, such as saving time, money, and privacy. It is best to consult with a local attorney to learn more about your state’s laws and to determine whether you are eligible for an alternative to probate.

A Hollywood, Florida estate planning attorney can help you create a strategy to protect your property and your family’s wealth. An experienced lawyer will be able to advise you on how to minimize your estate tax liability, avoid probate, and set up a family trust.

The Law Offices of Edward J. Jennings, P.A., is a multi-practice firm that serves the Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale area. Their probate and trust administration practice includes educating first-time clients and their families about the different options for estate planning and administering an estate. They also provide litigation services, such as will and trust contests and breach of fiduciary duties. They are a member of FAWL, BNI, and NAPW.

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